22/11/2016, Dave Tombs.

Removed textbox on service info.

08/12/16 Catriona Rawlins

I have tried to work out where to change the colour themes and fonts etc for all pages of the website. We are using a VERY VERY old version of WordPress and they since improved to make the newer versions more user friendly. I was wondering if it might be possible for us to upgrade to a newer version as this would probably make it easier for everyone to edit the website. If this isn’t possible could someone please help me work out how to change colours etc? 😛 Thanks!

08/12/2016 Dave Tombs

Have switched to the child version of the 2012 theme and begun to experiment with changing font sizes, colours etc across the website. Most of the stuff, page headings, main heading is buried deep in the CSS but I have begun to find out which bits of code do what.

Have updated the header size and colour, page heading size and colour and beefed up the horizontal rule.

If we can decide on a colour scheme then I can probably find ways to customise the code base to change it.

Not against changing to a newer version of wordpress but would like to find out a little more first.

I thought that the base application updates regularly to the latest version. Catriona, do you just mean a newer template?

08/12/16 Dave Tombs

Have upgraded to latest version of wordpress.

12/12/2016 Dave Tombs

Minor changes to menu.

20/12/2016 Dave Tombs

Added textboxes to selected areas using code snippet:

class=”textboxblue”;  in paragraph or list tag.

Can add other colours when we finalised colour scheme. Tidied up current colours and change link display/hover colours to match in CSS.

21/12/16, Me again.

Updated stylesheet to change header font and italicise

Changed banner image to temporary Christmas one.

28/12 2016 Dave Tombs

Changed banner image to something different wot I chucked together. Updated front page news and service info. New banner image size is 960 x 200pixels.

23/01/17 Dave Tombs

Modified permalinks so page name in browser address bar is the same as the page title.