At the heart of our Community

As the parish church of the St Denys district, a part of our mission is to play an active role in serving our community.

Many local groups and organizations enjoy the use of our facilities and rooms from dance groups to an indoor bowls club and various musical and theatre groups.

For a full list of events, meetings and clubs at St Denys Church & Centre, click here

As well as this we have been proud to host other events such as a week long arts festival, concerts by well known musicians, charity events and arts and crafts exhibitions by locally based organizations.

The Koncert

The Koncert. A charity fundraising event featuring popular bands including Kenwood and the Mixers (pictured).

We enjoy friendly links with our local primary school who have often made use of the church halls for various events and functions.

As well as this we hold two annual events, the Summer Fete and a Christmas Bazaar that is well attended and supported by many from the St Denys community.