Our Services

Sunday Services

9.30 am Service of Holy Communion

A calm, caring and peaceful atmosphere has become the hallmark of the 9.30 am service. All ages are welcome but in practice the services are mainly attended by adults who prefer a more traditional service.

There is a good balance between modern Anglican worship and a contemporary approach to sermons, prayers and music. The members are young at heart and relish opportunities for variety in their worship. There will always be someone available after this service who will pray with those who request it.

11.00 am SALT Service

The 11.00 am service aims to be a family friendly service spanning the whole age range, and a significant contribution to it comes from those who work with our young people and children.

The other name for this service is SALT which stands for Sharing And Learning Together, and is based on our belief that children, young people and adults are all lifelong learners in the Christian faith. After a period of all age worship the younger members of the congregation leave for their own age-related Childrens’ groups called Mustard Seeds. We believe that children aren’t tomorrow’s church, they are just as much part of today’s church as adults.

Often the music for this service is provided by different combinations of people, young and old, from our music group.

11.00 am All Age Service with Holy Communion

Once a month on the first Sunday of each month the 9.30 am service joins this service for an all-age communion service. This is sometimes followed by a church family lunch together to which all are invited.