Our Services

Sunday Services

9.30 am Service of Holy Communion

A calm, caring and peaceful atmosphere has become the hallmark of the 9.30am service. All ages are welcome but in practice the services are mainly attended by adults who prefer a more traditional service with Holy Communion as the focus.

There is a good balance between modern Anglican worship and a contemporary approach to sermons, prayers and music. The members are young at heart and have formed a very caring and welcoming congregation. There will always be someone available after this service who will pray with those who request it, or alternatively just stay and have a cuppa and a chat.

11.00 am Service

The 11.00 am service is a vibrant, engaging and informal service that welcomes people of all ages. Most services combine live music, prayers, a Bible passage, sermon and thought-inspiring activities, often in creative and interactive ways.

We believe that children aren’t tomorrow’s church, they are just as much part of today’s church as adults. Two or three times a month, primary school aged children spend the second half of the service learning and laughing together with their leaders in their Mustard Seeds group. On the third Sunday of each month,  we all stay together for an All-Sorts service where a wide range of activities are used to help people across the generations to pray, worship and reflect upon a passage from the Bible together.

At the end of each service, there is a time for chatting, having a cuppa and also praying with someone if you want to.

11.00 am All Age Service with Holy Communion

Once a month on the first Sunday of each month the 9.30 am service joins this service for an all-age communion service.

Messy Church

Once a month we also gather for our Messy Church service. Parents, carers and their children all have a great time doing Bible-based activities and eating the tasty lunch that is provided. This is normally on a Saturday morning 11am-1pm, but at Easter time we gather on Good Friday to explore the Easter story together.