Small groups

We believe we don’t need to journey through life alone.
We believe it’s good to grow in faith together.
We believe the Bible, prayer and friendship are places we encounter God’s awesome and mind-blowing love.
We believe a great way of journeying and growing together is a Discipleship Small Group.

In these groups, we read and grapple with the Bible, embracing that fact that different people bring different perspectives to the group. We talk together of our lives, sharing some of the challenges and joys we are facing. And there’s space to pray. Some people will pray out loud, others prefer to pray silently.  We embrace the diversity.

If you are interested in tuning into God through the Bible, prayer and friendship, then a Discipleship Small Group could work for you.

We run a number of groups both during the day and evening and they usually meet fortnightly or monthly. If you are interested then please email